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Divorce & Legal Separation Lawyer

Marriage is a big commitment, and it’s one that extends far past mere words alone. When we decide to marry someone, what we are really doing is making the decision to build a life with them. That might include things like buying a home, starting a family, and making joint purchases. Almost everything tends to end up as “ours” in a marriage, and that’s okay.


But what happens when we decide that the marriage just isn’t working out the way we expected, and that perhaps it’s time to end it and move on? Well, things can become a bit tricky. The Law Firm of Dan Florey can help you sort through entwined finances and property. With over 20 years of experience, Daniel J. Florey can give you the best options when it comes to divorce or legal separation.


Divorce Law

When you decide to dissolve your marriage entirely, a divorce is the way to go. A divorce completely ends your marriage, separates your assets, and determines things like child custody and child support, if applicable. There are two types of divorce: contested and uncontested. An uncontested divorce is the easiest kind to move through. This is where both parties agree to the divorce and work together to separate finances, divide property, determine child custody, and determine child support and alimony. These are decisions made jointly, usually before the divorce is officially filed. The court still hears the divorce and makes the decisions it deems best for the couple and family in question, but an uncontested divorce is an overall easier and quicker experience than the alternative.


A contested divorce is a divorce where one or both of the parties involved contest some aspect of the process. Whether it is child support, alimony, or property division, the couple disagrees on at least one area of the divorce and therefore require the court system to help them sort through everything. This kind of divorce is more expensive and typically longer than an uncontested divorce. Some of them can take as long as two years to finalize. That’s not always the case, of course, and sometimes contest divorces can be remedied before moving on to litigation.


Legal Separation

In the state of Illinois, the court proceedings for legal separations are very similar to those of divorce proceedings. A couple making the decision to remain married but to live separately, both physically and financially, will need to address the same issues they would if they were to divorce. This includes issues of child support, parental responsibilities, and alimony. If the couple is unable to work these issues out themselves, then the court will do so for them, much as it would during a contested divorce.


If the couple determines later that they would like to proceed with a divorce, they might be able to convert their legal separation into a dissolution of their marriage. It should be noted, however, that the terms decided in the legal separation process are legally binding for the most part.


Legal separation is preferable to divorce in certain circumstances. If the couple would like to share health benefits, for example, or perhaps are religiously opposed to a dissolution of marriage, then a legal separation is the better option. In other cases, a divorce is the best option for both parties.


Contact an experienced divorce and legal separation attorney today for help!

If you are thinking of obtaining a divorce or legal separation, you owe it to yourself to reach out to an experienced attorney for help. An experienced attorney can work with you to settle many of the more contentious issues before court proceedings, helping to make the legal separation or divorce process an easier one to experience.


Take the time to contact The Law Firm of Dan Florey today and ask how he can help represent you and uphold your rights. He even offers free consultations, so you can call without worrying about spending money just to have your case considered by a competent lawyer. Contact him today for more information!

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