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Drug Crime / Offense Defense Lawyer

As in many other places across the country, the war on drugs is firmly in effect. This means that prosecutors end to seek particularly harsh consequences for those individuals who are caught using, selling, manufacturing controlled substances. Have you or a loved one been charged with a drug crime? If you have, or if you suspect you might be facing charges in the future, it is important that you find professional help right away. Do not underestimate the damage that this could do to your future. Instead, reach out to an experienced drug crime attorney for help.


The Law Firm of Dan Florey offers his clients 20 over years worth of experience in drug crime defense law. This is great news for anyone in need of his help because he has a wealth of knowledge at his disposal and is both capable and willing to levy all of it towards finding you the best possible outcome to your case. This is true whether you believe the charges are too strong to argue against or too small to worry about. Many individuals have had their lives irrevocably altered due to offenses they thought were “too small” to be considered a threat. On the other hand, many individuals who believed their charges to be far too strong a case to argue against have received better outcomes than they thought possible through seeking Daniel J. Florey’s help.


Drug Crime Attorney


If you are convicted on a drug crime of any kind, you could face a future far different from the one you expected to live. To begin with, convictions could be seen by potential employers or landlords every single time they run a background check as part of the hiring or renting process. This significantly limits your ability to pursue a career in the field of your choice and to live in your own home. It is important, then, to understand drug crime law as well as the importance of reaching out to an experienced attorney for guidance.


Drug crime law prohibits the use, possession, or sale of controlled substances. There are many controlled substances, and they include the following:

  • Synthetics of substances specified in the Illinois Controlled Substances Act

  • Drugs

  • Immediate precursors


To be a bit more specific, here are some of the more common examples of controlled substances:

  • Cocaine

  • Heroin

  • Marijuana

  • Acid

  • LSD

  • Anabolic Steroids

  • Meth


Before you assume that all controlled substances are of the “street drug” variety, keep in mind that even prescription medications could be controlled substances if you do not have a valid prescription for them.


Examples of these drugs include:

  • Morphine

  • OxyContin

  • Klonopin

  • Vicodin

  • Valium

  • Adderall

  • Methadone

  • Barbiturates

  • Ritalin


As for what is not considered a controlled substance, wine, liquor, tobacco, and malt beverages are explicitly excluded from the Illinois Controlled Substances Act.


Possession, Manufacture, and Drug Delivery Defense Lawyer

It is illegal in the state of Illinois to knowingly possess any controlled substance or its analog, and possession can be either constructive or actual in nature. If the substance is found on your person, then it is considered “actual” possession. If the substance is found in a location of which you have knowledge as well as the ability to control and access, then the possession is considered constructive.


Examples of constructive possession include:

  • Controlled substances hidden in homes or cars of individuals under suspicion of possession

  • Any drugs found by police in the visor, console, or glove compartment of your vehicle


The exact penalties for controlled substance possession will vary depending upon both the amount of the substance you had in your possession as well as the type of controlled substance in particular.


Please note that once the amount o controlled substances found in your possession reach a certain point, the crime could be elevated to something known as Possession with Intent to Deliver. This, in effect, states that you had enough drugs in your possession to suspect you intended to deliver or sell the drugs to another individual. The actual presence of that intent is not required in order to charge you, which means that even if you had no intention of selling or delivery drugs, you could still be found guilty.


Penalties for these elevated charges tend to be much greater than the charges for mere possession of a controlled substance.


Contact an experienced drug crime defense attorney today!

If you are facing charges for a drug crime, you need a skilled attorney to help represent you. The Law Firm of Dan Florey can help! Contact him today for a free consultation.

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