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Property, Financial & White Collar Crimes Lawyer

Are you or a loved one facing property or financial crime charges? If so, you should reach out to an experienced attorney who can help you fight against these charges and avoid ruining your record over a mistake. The Law Firm of Dan Florey has more than 20 years of experience in criminal defense law, and is ready and willing to fight for your rights in court. He understands how important your life and your future are to you, and will aggressively pursue the best options in your case. Do not make the mistake of writing these crimes off as “minor” – the consequences for them could be significant and long-lasting.


What are property and financial crimes?

Property and financial crimes are perhaps better known as “white collar” crimes. These are crimes that tend to be non-violent in nature and are motivated by money and profit. Typical perpetrators include individuals in positions of power as well as individuals who were given fiduciary responsibilities over others. As you might imagine, then, the term “white collar crime” is derived from the kind of worker that typically perpetrates these crimes – in this instance, “white collar” workers as opposed to “blue collar” workers.


White collar crimes are often painted as victimless crimes, but that is not the case. The financial fallout for victims can be devastating, and it is for this reason that laws made are sure to impose severe punishment for individuals convicted of this kind of crime. Being convicted of this kind of crime can impact your future just as much as any other kind of crime – perhaps more so because it is likely to prevent you from continuing to pursue your chosen career path. Keep in mind that these convictions will show up on your record any time that a future landlord, employer, or lender runs a background check, and many of them will opt for a different candidate.


What are examples of white collar property and financial crimes?

The state of Illinois has a wide range of laws that can be considered “white collar” in nature.


Some of the most common include:

  • Bribery

  • Insurance Fraud

  • Forgery

  • Money Laundering

  • Embezzlement

  • Identity Theft

  • Check Fraud


Note that this list is not exhaustive in nature, but it does seek to provide readers with a good sense of the most commonly charged white collar crimes. As you can see, they are all motivated by money or property in some manner.


What are penalties for white collar crimes?

Because the crimes themselves are so vast and variable in nature, the penalties associated with white collar crimes are also quite diverse in nature. They can be felony offenses or misdemeanor offenses, for example, and the specifics of your case will determine exactly how your crime is charged.


Misdemeanor crimes will result in less stringent punishment that felony crimes will. A Class A Misdemeanor, for example, holds up to one year of jail time and a fine of as much as $2,500. In contrast, a Class X Felony holds up to thirty years in prison (not jail) with fines that could total $25,000. Neither penalty sounds particularly appealing, however, and it is in your best interests to reach out to a knowledgeable attorney.


Contact an experienced financial and property crime attorney today for help!

If you are facing property or financial crime charges you owe it to yourself to reach out to an experienced attorney. They can help ensure that you do not end up sacrificing your future over a defendable mistake. Take the time to contact The Law Firm of Dan Florey today and ask how he can help represent you and uphold your rights. He even offers free consultations, so you can call without worrying about spending money just to have your case considered by a competent lawyer. Contact him today for more information!

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