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Paternity / Parentage Lawyer

In the state of Illinois, “paternity” is considered the parental relationship that is established between a child and a man. That might sound pretty straightforward, but in reality it can be quite confusing depending upon certain factors. Sometimes, for example, a child’s parent might not be biologically related to them – but when we talk about paternity, we tend to be referring to something a paternity test can establish. Biological parentage, for example, establishes paternity based solely on blood-relation rather than parenting time or ability.


If you need to establish biological paternity of your child, you should reach out to an experienced lawyer who understands how to navigate a paternity hearing. The Law Firm of Dan Florey has over 20 years of experience working in the legal system and fighting for the rights of his clients. Regardless of the reasons behind your desire to establish paternity, Daniel J. Florey can help.


Reasons to Establish Paternity

Some individuals never have to have a paternity test completed on their children. A married couple, for example, might not need a paternity test because they are not currently in a situation where proof of biological parentage is needed. If you are in a situation where you need to pursue child support or establish parental rights, however, then you will need to establish the paternity of the child in question as quickly as possible.


Paternity: Proof vs. Presumed

As mentioned above, some individuals do not find themselves in a situation where the need to have a paternity test comes up. That does not make the men in that relationship any less responsible for the children, however, because they are most likely presumed to be the biological parent. That presumption comes about in a few different ways:

  • If the birth mother and man in question were married when they conceived the child and the child was born while they were married, then the man is presumed to be the father

  • If the birth mother and the man in question married after the child was born but the man is listed (consensually) on the birth certificate, then the man is presumed to be the father

  • If the birth mother and the man in question completed a paternity acknowledgement, then the man is presumed to be the father


Presumed paternity is not enough “proof” to definitively establish paternity. Even if you are the presumed parent of a child, if you find yourself in a situation where you might have to pay child support or something similar, it is a good idea to ascertain biological paternity via a paternity test. This can help guarantee both that your rights to the child are definitively established and that you are not obligated to pay anything you might not be responsible for.


When the time comes to establish the parentage of your child, you should strongly consider investing in an experienced legal team. Professionals can help make the situation easier than it might otherwise be by setting up various court dates and taking care of paperwork and other inconveniences.


Contact an experienced paternity / parentage attorney today for help!

If you are considering establishing the biological parentage of your child, for any reason, you should reach out to an experienced attorney for help and guidance. The right attorney can help ensure that your rights are strictly upheld and that your obligations are legal in nature.


Take the time to contact The Law Firm of Dan Florey today and ask how he can help represent you and uphold your rights. He even offers free consultations, so you can call without worrying about spending money just to have your case considered by a competent lawyer. Contact him today for more information!

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