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Enforcement / Modification / Termination Lawyer

Court orders are not something to be taken lightly. They are all too often interpreted as a “suggestion” rather than what they actually are – a requirement. If you receive a court order, you are required to uphold it. If you fail to do so, you could find yourself facing imprisonment or hefty fines. If you are unable to do so or believe as though you have a case to void or change the order, then you need to contact an attorney as quickly as possible to help file for a modification or termination of the order. And if you’re hoping to find help in enforcing the order, an attorney can help you do that, too.


With 20 over years of experience and all of the knowledge that brings to the table, The Law Firm of Dan Florey is a skilled enforcement, modification, and termination attorney who can help you with your court order needs. Whether you are looking to enforce a court order – for child support, perhaps – or are looking to modify or terminate an existing court order, Daniel J. Florey can help. Move quickly! Waiting too long for legal help could result in you facing fines and other consequences as a result for not complying with the original order.



A court order, or final judgement, contains certain aspects that are permanent. These include things like property division. They also contain a number of elements, like child custody, spousal support, and child support, that can be modified should a significant change in circumstances occur. If you are ordered to pay a certain amount of child support every month, for example, but then lose your job or find yourself working a job that pays significantly less money than the one that was taken into account when the court order was first issued, you might be able to have the order modified to exert less of a financial hardship on your life.



It cannot be overstated: you should take court orders seriously. The law doesn’t change because you don’t feel an order is fair, and you could end up in serious trouble for defying a court order. If you decide to avoid paying child support, for example, despite a court order telling you how much to pay every month, you could find your wages garnished or even end up held in contempt of court or imprisoned for a significant period of time.


Are you hoping to find help enforcing a court order? If so, reach out to an attorney today. The court and legal systems take violations to court orders very seriously, and will often take various forms of action to see the order enforced. This is especially true when it comes to something like child support. Depending upon the specifics of the situation in question, the offending party could find themselves incarcerated or facing money judgments as a punishment for failing to heed their orders. You need an experienced attorney who can fight for you.



Much like with modification, if you have experienced a significant change in circumstances, or your former spouse, as an example, has experienced a significant change in circumstances since the judgement or order was first issued, it might be possible to terminate the order altogether. If you need help filing for the termination of a court order like alimony or spousal support, you will need an experienced attorney to fight for you.


Contact an experienced enforcement / modification and termination attorney today for help!

If you are hoping to modify, terminate, or enforce a court order in, it is in your very best interests to reach out to an experienced attorney. They can help ensure that your new circumstances are taken into account and that your court order is either modified, terminated, or enforced as circumstances dictate.


Take the time to contact The Law Firm of Dan Florey today and ask how he can help represent you and uphold your rights. He even offers free consultations, so you can call without worrying about spending money just to have your case considered by a competent lawyer. Contact him today for more information!

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